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A typist is a career that is considered administrative in nature. The person will type up various documents for the company, but also many be asked to make copies, send faxes, handle the calls that are coming in, and file documents. All in all, a typist is much similar to a secretary.

Types of Typing

Handwritten Notes

The typist will take handwritten notes or from a document that someone else has typed. The typist will rewrite these to make sure that they make grammatical sense and flow well.

Audio typing

This is what the typist will do from recorded notes given to them by someone else. Many times these audio notes may be in no coherent logical format, so the typist will be responsible for making the notes make sense on paper.

Shorthand Typing

This is utilized when the typist will take notes from someone else. He or she will then go back over the handwritten notes to make a more legible and coherent document.

Work Environment

Most typists work in a business during what people consider regular business hours of nine to five. However, there is temporary and part-time work available for typists as well.

The work environment is professional and are expected to hold themselves in a professional manner, including the way in which they dress. A typist can count on spending the majority of their time in front of a computer.

Requirements: Skills and Education

When a person is first thinking of entering into the typist field they should have a few skills. For example, excellent typing skills are a must, as well as a complete understanding of the English language, including grammar.

Plus, a typist will find it more easier to get work if they can demonstrate that they have good communication skills, an attention to detail, the ability to be discreet should the situation call for it, and being punctual is a huge part of the job. Many times, the meetings that you will be asked to handle notes from will be during different work hours, however, punctuality is a huge key to making sure that you are successful at your job and rewarded.

Most importantly, if the typist can learn new skills fast, then that is a huge plus, as every business will run slightly different, being able to pick up on the workings of day to day life in the business is sought after by employers.

When it comes to educational requirements, have a degree or certification in business administration is a huge plus. As this demonstrates to employers that you know the workings of business and will be able to handle those tasks that come your way. However, many employers will allow apprenticeships in which they will teach you what you need to know.

Typist Salary Guide

On average, a typist can expect to earn around £11,000 and £16,000 a year. However, for those that have outstanding skills with a major company, may find that they could possibly make around £20,000 per year.

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