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Social workers are one of societys safeguards, helping to protect and advocate the welfare of those least able to protect themselves. Social workers starting salary is around £19,500 to £25,000.

Among those who benefit from the aid of social workers are children, men and women suffering from mental illness, the homeless, elders, the disabled, and individuals living in halfway houses.

Social workers provide a wide variety of services.

Their primary function is to assess and report back on the health and overall well being of individuals they are assigned to. They also help to provide counseling and life training for their clients. They also help to support the patients overall welfare with others in the health profession including medical doctors and psychiatrists.

Social workers recommendations are also have significant legal bearing. For instance, their testimony is usually key to removing children from an unsafe home. Other responsibilities include maintaining dossiers on individual clients and office paperwork regarding to work issues.

How Do I Become A Social Worker?

Social workers require specific training. A three year undergraduate degree or a two year post graduate degree are required. Degree requirements include five GCSEs (A-C) and/or two A levels. Experience and training in the health field are also beneficial.

Courses are a combination of classwork and hands on training. Typical social work students will spend 200 days at least working hands on with patients. To be accepted into this programs, it would be prudent for applicants to seek out internships in the field to make them more attractive candidates.

Where Can I Work As A Social Worker?

Social workers can find a wide variety of potential careers. The most common place of employment for social workers is through the government. Hospitals often have social workers on hand to help aid troubled individuals Advocacy groups also have positions available for those trained in social work.

Other potential employers include homeless shelters, prisons, schools, counseling services, and other related fields.

Being a social worker is often not the most glamorous job, but those who love to help others will find social work a good fit.

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