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Logistics is the control, execution, and planning of the placement and movement of goods and/or people to achieve certain objectives. It also includes the activities related to the organized placement and movement of these goods and/or people within the system.

What qualifications does someone need to work in logistics?

For someone just getting into the field of logistics or someone who has a little experience, it is recommended to complete the training to receive a Introductory Certificate in Logistics and Transport.

For supervisory or management positions with demanding operational roles one should plan on getting a Certificate in Logistics and Transport. For middle managers and possibly graduate trainees the qualifications usually include having a Professional Diploma in Logistics and Transport.

An Advanced Diploma in Logistics and Transport will likely be required for anyone holding a management position involved in decisions about company strategy. For people working in the field in disaster relief and humanitarian locations you will need a Certification in Humanitarian Logistics. People in these locations who are engaged in tactical management will also need a Certification in Humanitarian Supply Chain Management.

What kind of experience is needed to get a job in logistics?

While it is possible to find a job in logistics without having experience, some form of degree will likely be required to start working in an entry level position. Having experience in customer service and courier related work will also help and may be able to get one access to a position in logistics without a degree, but they will have to perform a high quality of work in these other positions to prove they can be successful in logistics.

Management positions will likely require some kind of degree in a related field, whereas senior management positions will likely require a masters degree as well as significant work experience.

Is there training available?

While companies will supply their own training, the best training will actually come from getting a Logistics degree.

Do you work alone or in a team?

While this will vary from company to company and depend on the actual duties of the job, logistics is generally handled by one person who could have control over a team.

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