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What will croupiers do?

Croupiers work in casinos running various game tables. The most popular games played in UK casinos are:

  • blackjack
  • roulette
  • baccarat
  • craps
  • and stud poker

The croupier is the one throwing the dice and dealing the cards. They will also be in charge of monitoring player’s behaviour for any signs of dishonest play.

Being a croupier is a customer service job. They will need to prepare the playing table for new players, welcome them to the table, and explain the rules. They will be expected to interact with players, help them learn the game, and make sure they are playing appropriately.

They are usually also responsible for collecting losses and paying out wins to players. They will need to make quick mental calculations, usually involving money, for this.

Croupiers report to the gaming inspector. The gaming inspector makes sure all game regulations are being followed. They will also be looking for any foul play. If the croupier suspects anything, they would report it to the gaming inspector.

A croupiers work environment is usually dimly lit, late hours, and fast paced, while there are people playing.

When will croupiers work?

Croupiers typically work shifts late in the evening and graveyard shifts. Common shifts are 2pm to 10pm or 10pm to 6am.

Croupiers typically work 35 hours a week or more. The amount of work available may be seasonal and based on the demands of customers.

Weekends will be typical workdays, and since most casinos are open on most holidays, croupiers are expected to be available those days as well.

How much will a croupier make?

A croupiers wage is based on a combination of experience and location. A typical wage is between £11,500 and £18,500 annually. Croupiers in large cities like London will make more. With experience they can make up to £30,000 a year.

Requirements and Training

Most croupier training is on-the-job. There is no formal degree required. A croupier is expected to have a good general education and very clear, effective communication skills.

They must also have Criminal Records Bureau clearance. Any criminal record will disqualify a person from being a croupier. Most casinos will want a croupier who has customer service and money handling experience already.

The Gambling Commission see also has various licenses and training programs offered for croupiers.

If a casino does not have in-house training programs, they will recommend a new croupier to one of these outside training programs. They will usually pay for training. However, they are much more likely to hire an already trained croupier.

Advancement Opportunities

Croupiers who gain more than two years experience and have good performance may advance to gaming inspector, pit boss, and finally to casino manager.

A croupier will need to complete additional training and upgrade their license for each level of advancement.

Experienced croupiers may also be able to find higher paying positions on cruise ships overseas casinos. In these cases knowledge of different languages is a serious advantage and may be required.

We have found “Casino Croupier Academy” that say “We gurantee to find a full time job in a UK casino for all our trainees” – please report back to UK Jobs Gudie anyone who takes them up on this promise after Training.

What else could I do, I don’t like the sound of a Croupier Job?

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