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A driving instructor will help people with the skills they need to acquire to pass their driving test, as well as schooling people in the art of being a safe driver.

The things you would need to teach people about as a driving instructor include teaching them the driving laws and Highway Code, correct approach to road safety, how to deal with emergency situations, using the controls of a vehicle, and basic checks that need to be done on a vehicle.

It is also a responsibility of a driving instructor to teach someone how to park safely, as well as manoeuvre, turn, and back up safely. Using dual controls you will help the driver become a better driver in areas and streets that may be more secluded until they improve enough to take them out on more major roads and highways.

How do I qualify for a driving instructor job, and do I need experience?

To qualify for this job you need to train to become an ADI, which is an Approved Driving Instructor. The first thing you need to do to become an ADI is register with the DSA, or Driving Standards Agency .

To apply you must have had a valid licence registered in the EU or UK for at least four out of the last six years, and can not have been disqualified anytime within the last four years.

You also have to submit to a complete motoring conviction check and check of your criminal records. You must pass a theory test and then pass two practical exams within two years of passing the theory test.

There are three parts to the ADI exams which must be passed. First is the computer based theory test, then a practical driving skills test, and then a practical test that you need to pass on teaching ability.

Each part must be passed before taking the next part. In a two year period the practical tests can only be taken a total of three times, but the theory test can be taken as many times as it takes to pass.

After passing the first two parts, one can apply for a trainee licence which can give you the right to work at a driving school and get paid for up to 6 months before the trainee licence expires. Once you pass all three parts of the exam you will be given a certificate for your car and can join the ADI register.

What happens then?

Registration renewal as an ADI will be required every four years. If not able to pass the tests to continue working as an ADI, your name will be removed from the register.

Another driving job you could consider would be a delivery van driver .

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