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If you’ve been made redundant or haven’t been able to find a job since leaving school, college or university, an elearning course could make all the difference.

Learning online about a specific subject can significantly boost your employability. Most of the large distance learning providers have elearning courses, distance learning courses, plus courses and qualifications that combine both methods of study.

Below are just some of the ways learning online can improve your chances of getting the job you really want.

  • Enhance your C.V.

If you finished school a while ago and have a big gap on your C.V. an elearning or distance learning course can make it more appealing to employers.

Learning online doesn’t have to be expensive and there are usually a number of different payment options available to help spread the cost.

See our guide to Writing a good CV, its full of tips to help you make your CV better.

  • Demonstrate initiative

Employers love to see initiative being used. If you’ve gone out and enrolled on an elearning course whether it’s in IT, beauty or anything else, this will always be looked on favourably.

By showing you have demonstrated your initiative when it comes to learning online, a potential employer will be more likely to give you an opportunity because you haven’t just sat back and accepted your circumstances.

  • Put yourself ahead of other job applicants

The current job market in the UK is the most competitive it’s been for some time, particularly amongst young people.

Elearning courses in your chosen area can help give you that much needed edge over other job applicants. For example, let’s say you applied to work at a local hair & beauty salon, do you think they would prefer a candidate who had done a distance learning beauty course or someone who had no relevant qualifications or experience?

  • Improve your self confidence

With jobs and training opportunities being thin on the ground, it’s easy to lose a bit of self confidence if you’ve been unemployed for some time.

There are thousands of people in the UK desperate to get back to work who are finding it tough. Elearning courses can definitely help improve your confidence and get you on the right track for finding the job you really want.

Most distance learning providers have vocational courses on offer as well as qualifications, so you might want to work towards setting up your own business once your confidence has returned.

UK Jobs Guide Recommands

The BBC has a great free online learning resource section see they cover most topics from Art and Design to Science.

and The Guardian as part of their education section has an online learning section this is great for students of all ages.

Visit for a selection of focused elearning courses in IT related subjects. Learning online with ICS has helped many people gain confidence and find a new job in the industry they really want to work in. Browse their wide range of courses online now.

Of course we have some online job guides for you to consider if you want to get to work or visit our online job centre and see the latest vacancies in your area.

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