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A load planner is responsible for the safe and efficient movement of freight from one location to another. This individual calculates things like weight, distance, fuel, material, and other factors to ensure goods get to their location in the best possible condition in the least amount of time. In many cases, a Load Planner will work for a retail company or a direct road haulage organization.

Typically, a load planner is responsible for:

  • Developing plans for hauling
  • Choosing the appropriate type and number of vehicles
  • Monitoring shipping routes
  • Discussing the load plans and specifications with the client(s)
  • Forecasting budgets for shipping goods
  • Developing back-up plans in case they are needed

In todays world, a load planner would not have to draw all these documents up by hand. There is a wealth of computer software available that monitors, tracks, and logistically plans many of the tasks that a load planner is responsible for.

What Type of Experience Do you Need to Become a Load Planner?

Although you do not necessarily need experience as a loan planner to be one, a prospective employer might ask for an adequate completion of education (i.e. GCSEs for Math and English). It would also be advantageous to a candidate if he/she had experience in logistics or stock control administration but it is not necessary.

Many areas have apprenticeship programs where people interested in the load planner position can learn all that is necessary to work out in the field. However, this job is very specialized, so an apprenticeship of this sort would most likely be available through an actual road haulage firm only.

Usually, retailers do not offer programs like this because the skills obtained in an apprenticeship like this are very niche and specific to that very industry.

Are There Any Certifications or Further Training for a Load Planner?

There are a couple different certifications one can obtain after entering this career. Although they might not be required (depending on the employer), they are valuable to have.

One such certification is the NVQ (1 & 2) for Warehousing and Storage. Another major certification in the field is the CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) which is specifically for International and/or National Road Haulage.

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