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Working in catering includes many levels of service, from waiters and servers to cooks and celebrity chefs. Those with an interest in food and service find catering to be a fun and creative way of earning a living doing something they love.

Permanent Vs Temporary Catering Jobs

Permanent jobs in the catering industry include owning ones own business or working closely with a business to develop a brand, and are mostly associated with the cooking or administration sides of this industry.

While a catering service may have a number of semi-permanent staff who they employ as servers, these are not likely to be full time positions. Instead, most servers are paid based on the events they cater and the time this takes.

Do I need Qualifications?

Yes and No. Those entering the cooking or business management side of the catering business would do well to have some experience or schooling in either field, and cooks may find that they are able to earn more depending on the level of training they have achieved. There are health and sanitation laws which catering companies must also be aware of. Servers hired on a casual basis will not need specific qualifications.

If you want to make a career in catering then you need to start with City and Guides Qualifications some of the qualifications are:

  • Award in Food Safety in Catering/Supervising Food Safety for Catering
  • Awards/Certificates in Hospitality & Catering Principles (Technical Certificates)
  • Award in Hospitality Supervision and Leadership Principles
  • Diploma for Butlers
  • Award in Food Safety

Do I Need Previos Experience?

Most catering companies will want individuals to come with either experience, on the cooking/management side of the business, or else with good recommendations from individuals who are known to the company, such as other servers.

Will I Work With a Team?

Absolutely. Catering any event requires cooperation between numerous individuals, and any catering professional who cannot work with others will have a difficult time putting together a substantial career.

What Equipment is Used?

For servers, equipment will include plates, dishes, glasses, uniforms, serving items – including heating trays and other food-related items. Cooks can expect to use any and all kitchen equipment, sometimes at a larger scale than they might otherwise be used to given that events can be catered for anywhere from a few people to a few thousand individuals, or more.

Where Can I Work as a Caterer?

Caterers often have to move between locations based on where events are taking place. The nature of the work could suit people who want to work, or have to work part-time.

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