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Post office customer service assistants are responsible for serving customers in a variety of ways, including selling stamps, envelopes, helping with passport information, providing banking services, and more.

Therefore, it is important for post office customer service assistants to have a wide range of knowledge about these products and procedures. Customer service assistants must also be friendly and eager to help others in their field.

Qualifications and Training

In order to become a post office customer service assistant, it is important to be well-organized, pay attention to detail, be able to count back change, work fast in a busy environment, and be friendly and outgoing. A good customer service assistant works well with customers, handles transactions efficiently, and is knowledgeable about their field.

This includes learning about all of the government documents provided by the post office and keeping up with changes in rules and regulations. Although there are no strict educational requirements for these positions, it is important that you have a strong handle on the English language and are able to complete a basic math examination prior to employment.

Most of the training for this position is on-the-job, but there may also be some classroom work related to training. This is where you will learn about the various forms and regulations that are involved in working in a post office environment.

Post Office Customer Service Earnings

Salaries for post office customer service assistants range between £13,000 and £17,500 a year. Post Office managers may earn up to £24,000.

These numbers are only rough estimates, but they provide a good idea of what you will be earning as a customer service assistant.

Opportunities for Advancement

With experience as a post office customer service assistant, you will have access to many opportunities for advancement in this field. The post office provides jobs for thousands of individuals each year, and it is easier to move up in the company if you are already employed in this area. If you do well as a customer service assistant, you may have the opportunity to become a branch or district manager and earn a higher salary and have more responsibility.

The more training you receive, the more opportunities there will be available to you for advancement.

The Post Office has its own Careers page, that allows you to register for job alerts or search for a vacancy close to where you live see, Post Office Careers.

As of April 2012 The Post Office and The Royal Mail are two separate companies, as of April 2013 it still looks like they recruit via the above Post Office Careers link and depending on the position you will be offered a contract with either company.

You are in the place for UK Jobs see our adverts and there are plenty of career guides.

If you need to find, goto or contact your local job centre online then we can help you.

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