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Saturday Jobs suit students and adults with kids.

For many students and those looking to earn some extra cash, Saturdays are one of the few times they can commit to regular employment.

What Types of Job Can I Get On A Saturday?

The most popular type of Saturday job are in the retail sector, as many shops experience higher traffic levels on Saturdays and Sundays than during the week. Working in theatres can also be a fun way to earn money, with many large receiving houses running two or more shows on Saturday afternoons and evenings. Restaurants often need more staff on Saturdays as their regular employees take a day or two off over the weekends. There are not often jobs in the office sector which offer Saturday hours.

Do I need Qualifications?

Most retail and service sector Saturday jobs are in customer service, and do not require qualifications other than a pleasant personality and knowledge of your product.

How Do I Find A Saturday Job?

Many shops put signs in their window when hiring for positions which are Saturday- or Weekend-only. Otherwise, you can write a short cover letter detailing your enthusiasm and interest in finding work, as well as your availability, and take it along with your C.V. in person to shops and restaurants where you might be interested in finding a Saturday Job. You can also check websites which offer job listings and search “Saturday Job” to find applicable openings.

Do I Need Previous Experience?

Saturday jobs in retail or customer service do not often require previous experience if an employer believes an individual will be a positive co-worker who will learn quickly and engage with their responsibilities. Saturday jobs working for professionals who keep Saturday hours may require some previous office experience.

What Are The Benefits and Disadvantages of Saturday Work?

Working only one day of the week allows for time to pursue other work, studies, or interests during the week, but does restrict recreational time. There is some opportunity for additional hours depending on your employer, but this should not be counted on.

What Equipment is Used?

This varies from position to position. You will be given any training if you have no experience.

Please consider that even if you only want a Saturday job that your employer may want to interview you, we have selection of interview tips to help you stay focused and get your job. Its more important than ever to be keen and prepared today.

You may find listings for Saturday jobs at your local Jobcentre so please always remember to use them too.

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