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Obtaining a job in Data Entry is a good way for students to work part-time during school, as well as an excellent position for individuals who can type quickly and accurately, and wish to make a full-time salary. Many data entry jobs feature work that can be classed as repetitive and detail-focused, so if you are interested in positions that require this type of attention, Data Entry may be a great field for you.

Do I Need Qualifications?

In Data Entry, the most important qualification to have is an ability to type quickly and accurately. Whether your job calls for entering facts and figures into spreadsheets, or correctly retyping the names of medications, you must be able to type reliably without making errors. There are not formal qualifications that lead to this, although classes in typing can be useful. Most employers will give you a typing test to examine your speed and accuracy before they agree to hire you.

Do I Need Previous Experience?

Most positions will not require previous experience for an entry-level Data Entry job, however it never hurts to be able to provide demonstrable skills that apply to your sought-after position!

Data-Entry Training

Training for Data Entry jobs will usually consist of learning the specific program your employer wants used for their data, such as a specific database or format.

Will I Work On My Own or with a Team?

Data Entry is a solitary position, and those who perform at-home Data Entry (which is growing in popularity) will likely work by themselves. If your employer requires you to report to a work site, then you may have a team of co-workers who can work with you!

Are Data Entry Jobs Permanent?

Most Data Entry positions are contract-based, and last for the length of a project. Your employer may contract with you for future jobs if they like your work.

What Kind of Equipment will I Use?

Computers are critical to Data Entry work, and if working from home you will likely need to provide your own. A telephone or internet connection is also required for this.

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