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To make sure you write your CV in a way that will impress your potential employers and keep your qualifications out of the slush pile, there are several important things to keep in mind:

Leave Plenty of “Air” Around Your Text

While your CV should never be more than one page (two if youre very experienced, three only if you are applying for an academic position), dont succumb to the temptation to pack everything in with centimetre-margins on each side. White space leaves room for HR reps to make notes to remind themselves of why youre a great fit for their company.

Be Aware of Clarity

CV headers should include a mission statement, “Work Experience,” “Education,” and “Awards And Recognitions.” If you still have room to add more, a section on your interests is a great way to show your potential employers what kind of attitude you bring to the workplace.

Start with a Mission Statement

Your mission statement, or “Aim,” should give an idea of the purpose of your job hunt. Your aim should be specific and related to your field, but try and avoid the word “I” if at all possible. If sending your CV to multiple companies, consider editing this for each new position!

Move on to Your Experience

Always include the dates that you worked at each position, and make it clear what your role and responsibilities were, but dont go over two or three lines per job. Use quantifiable, concrete examples of what you did in previous roles, stating figures wherever possible.

List Your Education

It can be important to list the schools you attended for several reasons. If theyre well-recognized, you will be credited for having accomplished attendance at them, while other times you may find that you share an educational background with your recruiter!

Dont Be Afraid to List Esoteric Interests

If youve traveled to foreign countries or accomplished special distinctions, you should always include these in your resume. Like educational information, you may connect with recruiters who are interested in similar things, and this can help separate your resume from literally thousands of other pieces.

Spellcheck Your CV. TWICE.

There is nothing worse than losing a job because of a misspelled or missing word. Once your CV is complete, go through it with a fine-tooth comb to make sure you have not made any silly errors that could cost you a job.

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