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There are many different qualified positions within the beauty industry, and they all require completing a training program before one can be qualified. Different beauty schools offer different training programs and qualifications. Qualifications allow one to perform a service on a client. Certain qualifications are more involved and cover a range of salon services, while other qualifications only train in one area of the beauty industry.

Types of Work

There are many types of work available in the beauty industry. If a person is qualified, they can be a salon owner or manager, a different qualification would allow someone to be a nail clinic owner, and/or a nail clinic technician.

Previous Experience

In most salons, previous experience is required before one would be allowed to work there. However, in certain salons which offer training programs and qualifications, the salons will allow the newly qualified persons to work in the salon after the training is complete to gain some experience.

Training and Equipment

The type of training one will get depends on the qualification they are working for. In most cases, book work is a required part of the course in order to gain more knowledge of the subject. Training also includes classroom time in which a teacher demonstrates the correct practices and procedures which are involved in the beauty treatment.

Students practice on themselves, mannequins, and other students to gain more hands on experience. All training students will use the equipment and tools that they will use on clients when they are qualified.

Team Work or Alone

Some work, such as the book work involved in training can be done alone. However, team work is usually necessary when training for a beauty qualification. A teachers supervision is necessary so that mistakes can be corrected, and students can work together to learn from each other.

Permanent or Temporary

Many beauty technicians who work in a salon like to stay in one place in order to build a client base. However, that does not mean that they may not move around to a different salon or open one of their own.

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