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Hotels jobs are a great environment for meeting new people and appreciating international cultures. The hotel workers are carefully selected for their cordial personalities and congeniality, making all guests, the grateful and the grumpy, feel welcomed.

Management Think All The Time

The hotel management not only must facilitate a pleasant and peaceful stay for their patrons, but must bend over backwards to encourage repeat business. Returning clients come from individuals and also from the established good relations with tour group companies, making each and every hotel employee a vital part of the team.


To secure the best hotel jobs at the international chains, the perfect preparation is to get all the formal education you can. Degrees in Hospitality Management and Tourism are ideal for the entry level hotel worker who wishes to stay long-term within the industry and will strive for promotion. Entry level positions at the reception or banquet facilities make excellent long term careers in future management.

Get a Head Learn a Language

Hotel employees at larger establishments will do well to master at least one foreign language, preferably one that is frequently used at the hotel. In addition to a bilingual fluency, a third language familiarity with general expressions used for guest services is of great value to the employer.

New Recruits

For persons just starting out in the hospitality industry, there are many low-skill jobs that offer on the job training, gaining the employee a t foothold in the door for future upward mobility. Valet service, bellman, housekeeping are a just a few that require little to no experience and produce gratuities on top of the wages.


Persons desiring to work in the food and beverage departments may need to have service skills upon application, as the peak hours of operation can be hectic and an inappropriate time to train new personnel. Breakfast buffets are fast paced and required a wait staff that can handle a large volume of patrons while working under pressure. Hotels chefs and short order cooks, again, are highly skilled professionals and spend long hours of prep time in the kitchens. For maximum consideration in the food and beverage department, plan to have at least two years of experience under your belt.

Overall Remember

The hotel employer will look for even-tempered applicants that genuinely like working with people. Its a special breed that can be friendly in the face of abuse, and maintain a positive image for the hotel. such persons are well rewarded with the best positions that draw tips and are the first candidates considered for promotions.

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