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Being a hairdresser may seem glamorous, but it requires training and dedication.

What Is The Job?

Hairdresser jobs can range in skill and style from a working in a small, local salon to becoming an international hair-styling superstar. At its core, hairdressing is about connecting with clients and cutting their hair in flattering, stylish ways that correspond to the requests of a client.

Do I Need Qualifications To Work As A Trainee?

Definitely. Hairdressers must obtain NVQs (SVQs in Scotland), which allow them to learn on the job while working under experienced professionals. You must start as a trainee to earn your NVQ/SVQ level 1, and this will involve very junior work assisting the other hairdressers. To work as a hairdresser in a salon, a minimum level of NVQ/SVQ 2 is required.

How Do I find a Job Hairdressing?

Assistance positions can be a great way to gain your NVQ/SVQ 1. Schools can often help with placements. For those who are not in school, becoming an apprentice in a salon is a little more complicated, but in most cases sending a CV and cover letter stating your interest and inquiring about positions to salons near you is a good place to start.

What Are The Benefits, Disadvantages Of This Kind Of Work?

Hairdressers often have more control over their schedule than those who work in more formal situations, and can establish long-term loyal clients. Disadvantages include hard-to-please clients and low commissions when starting out.

Who Do Hairdressers Work With?

At the beginning of a career in hairdressing, a low NVQ/SVQ level will mean that one must work with others for the purpose of training. However, once an NVQ/SVQ level 3 or higher is attained, one can open their own salon and work with less supervision, or even be their own boss! At this stage, one can choose to work in a salon with a team, or on ones own.

What Equipment Is Used in Hairdressing?

Hairdressers must be confident with shampooing and conditioning equipment, scissors, dryers, straighteners, and curling implements. They must also stay on top of the latest trends and technologies in hairdressing.

Hairdresser jobs will be advertised locally and by word of mouth, so check your local papers!

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