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Getting an interview is a massive step closer to getting a new job

If you have a job interview you need to prepare for it. So far so good as your job application form or CV has meant you have been short listed. There are a few basic things to remember to ensure that you have a successful interview, so prepare for it.

Our Top Interview Tips.

Interview Dos

  • Go online and research the company. Ensure you know the company history, the latest news, and what exactly they do and what your job might involve.
  • Be on time for your interview, even if you arrive 30 minutes early wait until five minutes before your interview is due to start before you enter the companies premises. Make sure you know your journey and how long it will take you to get there.
  • Make sure you are up to date with current affairs and sports news, although not relevant to your job they might want to see how you would fit in with the working environment.
  • Dress smart. Never turn up in dirty or old clothes always put a suit or a shirt on. This is important to put across a professional approach and to create the right first impression.
  • Take information you have got a copy of the job advert and your CV with you to the interview.
  • Always be positive about travelling to and from work if asked.
  • Think about the sort of questions they might ask you and what your answers will be.
  • Always have some questions to ask them ready, either about the job or the company.
  • Talk about your personal ambitions and how you see them being fulfilled at this company.

Apart the opposite of the above “Do” list we recommend:

Don’t Do These At An Interview

  • Don’t pick your nose or scratch your head or private parts.
  • Talk before being spoken too or waffle when asked a question.
  • Be rude or use bad language.
  • Rubbish their company or their beliefs.
  • Flirting with your interviewer is bad; it won’t help you get the job.
  • Bad mouth your last or existing company.

Remember to be polite and thank your interviewer for seeing you, always establish what the communication back to you will be, via a job agency or direct via a letter or phone call are the most common ways employers provide feedback.

If you have an interview then you probably have a good CV already, if your sitting around waiting to get a interview then why not see our article on CV writing just to make sure yours is all it should be.

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