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by Sally Sparrow

So in January 2013 what are your chances of getting a job?

Does it depend on where you live still?

The short answer is yes with the latest unemployment stats having been released by the ONS.

Those of you in the North East are less likely to find work than someone who lives in the South West.

There is some good news, unemployment has fallen to its lowest level in 18 months with the total offical out of work number now at 2.49 million.

Regional unemployment
Jobless rate
North East119,000-10,0009.1%
North West295,000+3,0008.5%
East Midlands190,000+10,0008.2%
West Midlands246,000+13,0008.9%
East of England207,000+1,0006.7%
South East291,000+10,0006.5%
South West147,000-10,0005.5%
Northern Ireland69,000-1,0007.9%
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