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This job deals primarily with protecting information stored on a computer from threats like hacking, viruses and spy-ware, and users attempting to gain access to information they arent supposed to have. IT security coordinators can also be known as information security analysts.

Is there opportunity for skill improvement and career advancement?

There are many available certifications that can improve an IT security coordinators skills. For example, taking the MCSE and CISS for Microsoft and Cisco systems respectively can help upgrade a coordinators working knowledge, and there are several different options for security specific certifications that can be valuable to have.

There is significant opportunity for advancement within the field. A senior IT security coordinator may be in charge of planning a companys long term security plan, as well as supervision and training junior staff. Also, there is opportunity for being promoted into other areas of IT management.

What about salary and working conditions?

The salary range for this job generally end up between about £25,000 and £60,000. The exact amount will be dependent on experience, benefits, and how long you will be working for a particular company.

Most IT security coordinators work 35 to 40 hours, though sometimes problems may arise that require occasional on-call status and unusual hours. If you end up working for one company, you will probably work out of an office. Consultants and Self-employed workers in this field can expect a large amount of travel, though most work will still be done out of offices.

What do I need to get into the field?

To work in the IT security field, it is important to be willing to keep up with cutting edge security threats and technology. You need to have a good working knowledge of IT security and the standards and legislation that go along with it. It is also important to be willing to work under pressure and be willing to work with customer needs.

What are the qualifications?

IT security requires either college degree or an equivalent level of job skills. If you are considering college, good subjects to major in are network security or computer science with a focus on security. Alternatively, if you are already working as an IT professional, you may be able to use your current experience to move into the field.

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