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A temporary job is a good way to keep working while you look for a more permanent position.

Anyone seeking employment in the UK needs to know their options, especially as many jobs now offer “temp to perm” status for their workers. Many people do not understand the difference between permanent and temporary jobs, including their rights, the qualifications they require, the kind of experience they might need, and other details of working as a temporary employee.

What is the Difference Between Permanent and Temporary Jobs?

Permanent workers are guaranteed certain rights, including the right to sick and holiday leave and rights surrounding their termination: when it is allowed, how it must be presented, and more.

Although by law agencies which employ temporary workers, or temps, must provide them with a minimum amount of holiday accrual over the year, temps do not receive sick leave, and their contract can be terminated at any time, without notice.

Do I Need Qualifications to be a Temp Worker?

This varies from industry to industry, but there is no requirement for a temp worker to have qualifications.

Do I Need Previous Experience?

Most temp agencies would like to see previous experience on the resume of a temp worker, as this makes them more attractive to potential employers, and therefore easier to place. Temp agencies that handle office or catering work will usually want to see some kind of previous experience.

Why Would I Want Temp Work?

Temp work is ideal for students on short breaks from school, or those who want to earn money while looking for a permanent position. It can allow you to develop experience in your field. Long-term temp work, where an employee is contracted for a set amount of time (sometimes with the chance of going permanent or having the contract extended) can even provide semi-stable employment!

Will I Work With A Team?

Most temps will work with a team made up of permanent staff members or other temps. It is important that temp workers be able to bond with their workmates and adapt quickly to new situations.

What Kind of Equipment is Used?

Depending on industry, most temps must be familiar with computers, copiers and fax machines.

It is worth thinking that you may not be able to find temporay work when it suits you and the retail sector offers saturday jobs and also on sunday these days.

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