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Wearing designer clothes, traveling around the world for photo shoots, being featured on the cover of magazines, and strutting down catwalks is a dream come true for many men and women who have established a fashion modeling career. Some of these models were approached by agents, but many weren’t.

Many fashion models embarked on their modeling careers by believing they had a marketable look, as well as having talent, photographs, and persistence.


Becoming a fashion model begins with having the right look. For women, traditionally this has meant being taller than 5’7” and being ultra thin. However, various markets have opened up for plus-sized female models. Male fashion models are usually taller than 5’11” and weigh between 140 lbs. to 165 lbs.

Also, agencies look for men and women with an original or unique appearance. Because a fashion modeling career is based heavily on physical appearance, models may spend only a few years on runways and in advertising campaigns.

Photographs and Portfolios

A fashion modeling career can be launched when a model sends a photograph to prospective agencies. Although some agencies just need to see one photograph of a potential model to determine his or her future with the agency, others require a portfolio. A portfolio should include at least two headshots (smiling and non-smiling), a full-length body photograph, and a half-length body shot.

Before sending a portfolio to an agency, an aspiring fashion model should contact the agency to find out its portfolio requirement. After offering models representation, many agencies will have the necessary photographs taken to launch their models’ careers.

Locating a Fashion Agency

Although some models try to further their career without the use of an agency, getting picked up by a reputable agency will help further a fashion model’s career. An agency works on behalf of its models to find work for them and negotiate their pay. Some of the top modeling agencies in London include Select Model Management, IMG Models, Models 1 Agency, and Storm Model Agency.

Although a fashion modeling career is glamorous and exciting, sustaining it takes flexibility, patience, and tenacity. Models must be able to endure long photo shoots, public scrutiny, and fierce competition. Of course, they must be very particular about protecting and maintaining their physical appearance, too.

On the other hand, the benefits of a fashion modeling career, such as traveling, popularity, and wealth, make fashion modeling a highly desirable career.

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