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A computer games tester is the first audience of a computer game. A computer games tester provides valuable feedback to programmers, designers, and artists in order to help improve a gamers entertainment experience.

This job involves systematically playing video games at different levels in order to identify any problems or bugs and assess playability.

Work Hours

In order to meet deadlines, a computer games tester must work long hours.Testers usually have to work alone in an office in front of a computer.A computer games testers job can prove to be stressful, hectic, and repetitive.A testers job is usually busiest right before a game is released.

The Salary

The starting salary of a computer games tester is between £12,000 and £18,000 a year. With experience, a person can earn £25,000 a year. A team leader could expect a salary as high as £30,000 a year.

Requirements for Entry

Formal qualifications are not required for this job. However, employers look for people with knowledge of the game market. Skills that are helpful to have include basic programming knowledge and the ability to use spreadsheets. A formal degree may help ones chances of being hired. Many universities offer courses relevant to this position.

Required Training

A computer games tester will receive most of his or her training on the job. In most cases, the employers themselves provide additional training. By taking qualifications in fields such as software testing from the British Computer Societys Information Systems Examination Board, a person can increase their skills and employability.

Games Tester : Required Skills

  • Computer games testers must have exceptional problem solving and analytical skills.
  • They must have a passion and skill for playing games.
  • Good written and spoken communication skills are necessary.
  • They must work well under pressure and meet tight deadlines.
  • They must also have good computer skills and be patient enough to do repetitive work.

Opportunities for Games Testers

A prospective computer games tester could work for computer games publishers, games developers, and independent testing companies.

People interested in finding jobs in this field can find jobs advertised by recruiters on games websites. They can also develop contacts in the industry in order to find jobs or they can approach companies directly.

What Companies can you work for?

We have selected three that always have jobs for Game Testers on:

  • Games Tester
  • Games Recruit
  • Datascope

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