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What does a network manager need to do?

Network Managers help systems work efficiently, along with other business managers and IT professionals.

Responsibility: Design, implementation and administering of computer network systems between or within an organisation. Managing of a company’s team support in-house network or working with a number of clients. Provide a secure network capacity that meets the client’s needs.

Work With 4 Main Network Systems

  • Local Area Networks (LAN) – connects computers in a limited area
  • Metropolitan Area Networks (MAN) – joins LANS across a city
  • Wide Area Networks (WAN)-Links across national boundaries
  • Global Area Networks (GAN) – uses wireless and satellite technology for access to unlimited areas


  • Supervise technical staff
  • Network growth and development.
  • Network requirement assessment.
  • Designing and Testing Plans.
  • Compatibility of plans.
  • Security measure implementation
  • Preventive maintenance scheduling
  • Performance and usage reporting

Relevant experience includes IT Manager or Support Tech or network engineer.

Trainee positions are available with a BTEC HNC/HND degree

Helpful subjects:

  • Computer networks
  • Networks and communications systems
  • Computer science
  • Digital Communications and Networks

Relevant training can be provided to those who show the right qualities.

Foundation degrees and HNC/HNDs are offered by colleges and universities. See UCAS.

For IT career and e-skills see British Computer Society and CompTIA.

Further Training and Development

Continue to update skills through on-the-job training or work towards qualifications

  • Qualifications: Level 4 ICT Systems Support diploma or OCR Higher Level Award
  • At least level 4 OCR Higher Level Award or BTEC HNC/HND in Computing
  • At least level 3 NVQs for IT Professionals
  • Linux and Windows coverage

Helpful additions:

Cisco Certified Network Associate, Internet Expert, or Network Professional Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator.

Graduate Professional Development Award (GDPA)

Qualify by taking an undergraduate, postgraduate, or work based training programme. Key skills include problem solving, team working and technical competencies. Details at e-skills UK.

British Computer Society (BCS)

Includes Certificate, Diploma, and Professional Graduate Diploma equivalent to up to third year university honors degree. Options include network information systems and computer networks. For more details contact BCS.

Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA)

Developed by e-skills, industry bodies, and employers to help you identify your current skills and plan future career development options. For more detail see SFIA

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